Let the Fun Begin!

The Seattle Seafair Clowns Organization, established in association with the Graduates Club of Seattle University, has been an integral part of Seattle's Seafair Celebration for over 50 years.

Legacy of Community Service

The Seafair Clowns also take the spirit of Seafair to those who can not attend by visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and care centers throughout the Puget Sound region. 

Thank you for supporting our community service projects with your tax-deductible gift to the Seafair Clowns Foundation.

Thank you for joining us this past weekend for our annual pasta feed fundraiser. We are truly blessed from the support from our families, friends and community. Missed the event? You can still watch the fundraiser video "A Million Smiles and Counting" below and please join us next year!

"A Million Smiles and Counting" Video - Spring 2015

As the Seafair festival's year-round ambassadors, the Seattle Seafair Clowns entertain thousands of people at neighborhood parades and festivals. Our support of charitable organizations is not limited to the Seattle area. The Seafair Clowns do what we can to help those in need of a little laughter throughout Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Mexico as well. 

The mission of the Seafair Clowns is to serve the community by spreading joy and laughter through charitable visits and participation in local events. During the Seafair season, they dedicate over 125 hours to appearing at local events and visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and care centers. The 65 members continue spreading happiness year-round, supporting a variety of charitable organizations throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond.